"Quick question before you continue. Do you know where you go after death?" ― Yuuto Akagi[source]
Yuuto Akagi is the main antagonist of Dear Doppelganger and the leader of the rebel group called the Jokers. He seems to be a intelligent individual who knows a lot about the afterlife despite only residing there for at least nine years.

Background Edit

Nothing much is actually known about him other than he appeared in Monochromia one day and had a timer on his hand. No one really knows where he came from or how he died.

Prologue - The Promise She Made Edit

Yuuto is never named in the prologue but is seen as a dark silhouette. He doesn't seem too bad, just asking a simple question to Yamato. Yuuto then informs Yamato that he was shot by his own mother and that he is now dead, just like he is. He then asks him to recollect his thoughts to think what happened prior to that.

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